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Service Description: An overview of all primary schools in the Netherlands (as of 01-08-2015). This file contains information regarding the location, brin-number and the type of education provided by the school. Download a shapefile ObjectID: ObjectID Shape: Shape Woonplaats: Location Brin_Nummer: Brin Number (an unique ID given to every school in the Netherlands) Instellingsnaam: Institution Name Denominatie: Denomination (the type of Institution) Values within denomination: Algemeen Bijzonder: Special Public Institution (special because it stands neutral towards all religious and social movements) Rooms-Katholiek: Catholic Institution Reformatorsich: Calvinistic Institution Protestant-Christelijk: Protestant-Christian Institution Samenwerking: A cooperation between different denominations

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MaxRecordCount: 1000

Supported Query Formats: JSON, AMF

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Copyright Text: DUO, University of Groningen

Spatial Reference: 28992  (28992)

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Support True Curves : true

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